Musical stage show, book, music & lyrics by Bradford Craig

A play with music, and based on the tale of Svengali and Trilby, ‘The Great Svengali’ takes place at a newly renovated Ramada Inn, Annex Lounge, Bar and Grill, downtown USA.

Marvin is a middle-aged and bitter wanna-be-singer. He is billed as ‘The Great Svengali’. Each night while performing his act, he hypnotises volunteers from the lounge show audience (the actual theatre audience) where he claims to be able to take away your troubles, bad habits and/or phobias.

From the audience comes Candi an attractive nineteen year old, who believes she cannot sing a note. By the end of the evening however, Marvin has convinced both her and the entire audience that she has a voice that will thrill all who are lucky enough to hear her.