Feature Film - written by Allan Scott & Gavin Yuan Meng Li

In 1947 China was a time and place when change was erupting, where old and new worlds collided in the awesome, tumultuous civil war.

KATE RICHMOND, a beautiful young American doctor, a missionary’s daughter, returns home to China amid its revolutionary upheaval to work at her parent’s Medical Clinic in Shanghai. Kate is unwittingly drawn into the civil turmoil then enveloping Shanghai when Chinese friends secretly bring her a seriously wounded American civilian named Thomas Blake, whom she knows has a reputation as a soldier of fortune, and ladies man.

Blake’s been running guns for her Chinese friends, who are members of the Communist Party. Kate falls deeply in love with him while nursing him back to health. However, their affair ends abruptly when weapons that Blake is supposed to supply to the Communists fall instead into the hands of the Nationalists. Kate abandons him, convinced that Blake has betrayed the Communists, but maybe not.

Caught in the web of a passionately divided China, Kate is swept along in its all-consuming path, “Blood Red Rose” being a glorious tapestry of magnificent love and exquisite betrayal. An epic story of people – a place – and a time.