Feature Film - Written by Paven Virk & Chris Silber

“Feeling Punjabi” is a phrase used to express the euphoria of being on top of the world, and the deep desire to enjoy every minute of life!

“FEELING PUNJABI” is set against a great Bhangra sound track and features two young Punjabi brothers growing up in Birmingham in the 1980’s who discover music is the way to escape their expected humdrum life. The two teenage brothers, the straight-laced Jai and wildly unpredictable Pal surrounded by a musical mother decide that if music is in their blood then surely, so is a musical career.

They hastily form a Bhangra band knowing their parents wouldn’t approve. Under the influence of a leech Manager Uncle Patel and his venue ‘Desi Nights’ they surprise him with their undoubted talent. To succeed however they deceive their mother and father and start to lead a double life until it all catches up with them – sibling rivalry, sex, drugs and rock and roll all kick in.

“Feeling Punjabi” is a timeless story with a universal feel without avoiding some cultural reality. The film’s mission is to keep the feel-good factor in tact – the key themes being family, cultural intolerance, the age gap, having an unattainable dream and of course the success story of the ‘underdogs’.