Feature Film - written by Chris Hatton & Al Hunter Ashton

Growing up in Alexandria as a royal princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, young Cleopatra’s enchanted existence comes to an abrupt end when her father is overthrown in a coup by her sister. Cleopatra’s own life is threatened and her only hope of survival is to escape the palace and evade her evil sister.

A strange and frightening sorceress who seems to haunt the tunnels below the palace appears to Cleopatra, bringing mystical warnings, clues and prophecies. Cleopatra enlists the help of Mark Anthony, a young Roman officer assigned to Egypt. Try as she might, the young Cleopatra finds it hard to resist his rugged good looks and boyish charm.

Cleopatra’s journey for survival now becomes an odyssey of discovery and transformation, as she heeds the old sorceress’s warning and goes to the great temple of the goddess Isis.

Young Cleopatra, Princess of Egypt fights for her life, discovers love, and emerges as a goddess – one of the truly immortal figures of history, in a classic tale of adventure and escape set in a land of ancient mystery.